St. Augustine Town Car Service


One of the signatures of our service is the private transportation we offer with every ride. Every ride with us is pre-arranged and a driver will be waiting for you. We offer this service both to and from the airport. All of our private transportation service drivers are highly qualified and will give you four star customer care.

We know that life can throw curve balls at you, thus our private transportation is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. No matter what time the appointment is, a private driver will be waiting to promptly take you to or from the airport as needed. And we cover a wide area, from Jacksonville, FL to the surrounding areas, including north eastern parts of Florida. Major credit cards are always accepted by our drivers, to make sure the experience you have is as convenient as possible.

Not only will using our private transportation be cheaper than any taxi, but the service is also more convenient, as once the driver picks you up, the only place you’re driven to is your destination. Other services might pick up others along the way to maximize profit, but we feel this delivers sub-par customer service. Making sure you arrive on time with as many comforts we can provide is the only job we are concerned with. Our standards of prompt and professional service are unmatched.

Private transportation is a cornerstone of our business. Contact us immediately to book your carefree ride to the airport.